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Take Me Home Huey is attending Airventure 2017. Here is an EAA PRODUCED  VIDEO of 174 arriving at the EAA Museum.

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Above a slide show of Huey #174 being restored for the Take Me Home Huey Project at Light Horse Legacy's Glendale Arizona Hanger. 174 moved in December 2015 to the Air Museum in Palm Springs California's  where Steve Maloney completed the Art transformation. 

In 2014 Light Horse Legacy,  partnered with contemporary artist Steve Maloney to produce the Take Me Home Huey Project. As originally envisioned, this involved LHL finding and restoring a UH-1H Huey helicopter.

Found in a Northern Arizona aircraft boneyard, the ship 67-17174 turned out to have a unique and tragic history. Valentines Day, 1969 while serving as an Air Ambulance with the 1st Air Cavalry Division's MEDEVAC unit, the 15th Medical Battalion she was shot down attempting to pick up wounded. Our team of Volunteers set to work disassembling the Huey to remove damaged sections. Working over a blistering hot Phoenix summer these dedicated folks repaired, replaced and in many cases fabricated airframe and mechanical components back to new appearance. The aircraft appeared flight ready when finished. 

Next, in Palm Springs Steve Maloney  transformed the ship's exterior into a contemporary art piece depicting scenes of what a solider would miss while overseas. The cabin has a typeset scroll of units that flew in Viet Nam. Overlaid over that is a graffiti style selection of unit call signs. Inside is the Artists presentation of the chaos of war with un-salvageable pieces of the ship.

On Feb 14, 1969 Stephen Schumacher, the Medic on board and Gary Dubach the Crewchief were lost to hostile action.  Painstakingly the story was pieced together by  LHL Co-Founder Dave Barron over the next 2 years. Dave brought together the surviving crew members for the 1st time since 1969.They met the Sisters of the 2 fallen men in 2015. Memorial Day 2016 Dave's efforts to place a panel from 174 were realized when the crew and families accompanied the panel where it was placed at The Wall. Jay Korff's outstanding documentary "Left Behind" includes the video of that presentation. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2sL_c1JmuCk

The Take Me Home Huey project has been touring the Nation since  2015. Our exhibitions have been seen across the Countryas LHL's  TMHH project continues to bring healing and awareness to Viet Nam Veteran's and their families. In 2018 the process of donating  the helicopter  to a permanent home to continue the mission of healing begins. The formal dedication will be on Feb 14, 2018, the 50th anniversary of the loss of Gary Dubach and Stephen Schumacher. 


Take Me Home Huey Project