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Mayor Cathy Carlat (left), Veteran's Day 2015

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Picture for reference only, the final design will be announced by the City of Peoria.




Peoria Arizona is the hometown of Light Horse Legacy. Enjoying a very cooperative and supportive relationship with the City has benefited the Veterans and families who live here. In 2015 we  hosted the reunion of the Crewmembers and Families of Huey 174 and presented Take Me Home Huey in her 1st public exhibition over Veterans Day 2015 concurrent with the City's Veterans Day activities.

The current Veteran's Memorial  is an  eighty-eight foot long black granite wall that gives special recognition to the current five branches of the armed forces: Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force and Coast Guard. The United States Great Seal is boldly represented on the first eight foot panel section along with the five service branches and a special tribute that states, “This memorial is dedicated by the city of Peoria to all of those who have served and are serving our country in the defense of freedom.”  

To give back to our community, LHL is restoring a Viet Nam Veteran UH-1H Huey helicopter 67-17565 that flew with the 176th AHC, 128th AHC,  240th AHC and the 20th Engineer Bdge from 1968 to 1972. The aircraft has been generously donated by Michael Roberti of American Patriot Helicopters and Karl Renz III who is the director of the Arizona Viet Nam Helicopter Museum. As part of the City's expansion of the Memorial grounds, 565 will be mounted atop a graceful pedestal signifying the gracefulness of flight and offering a heartfelt WELCOME HOME to our Nation's Veteran's.

Light Horse Legacy's team of dedicated volunteers once again are showcasing their talents to take 565 from a mere shell of an aircraft back to her days in Viet Nam, thru careful reconstruction, replacing missing parts and painting her once again as a proud military aircraft. 

The Memorial Wall can be seen and the progress of the expansion watched at Rio Vista Park 8866 W. Thunderbird Rd Peoria Az.

Expected dedication will be Nov. 1, 2017.